About Us

Police officers are aware more than most of the needs and struggles within a neighborhood … a community … a city … a county. RAINCROSS BOXING ACADEMY grew from that awareness by a group of officers who wanted to make a difference with a passion they shared: BOXING!

“I grew up in the Eastside, went to North High School, and now work as an officer for Riverside Police Department,” Officer Mario Dorado explains. “My father was a professional boxer, and so boxing has a real meaning to me. My dream is to have a boxing club that is safe, affordable to the residents, and emphasizes school before sports.”


  • Professional Trainer Henry Ramirez, who will be designing and overseeing custom boxing programs for RBA
  • UCR’s Director of Performance for Adrenaline Athletic Training Gary Heron, who will be designing and overseeing the strength and conditioning program for RBA
  • High School Counselor/Probation Officer Robert Nava, who will be designing and overseeing the tutoring program for RBA
  • Officers of the Riverside Police Department’s Boxing Team, who will be coaching and mentoring the members of RBA
  • UCR’s Highlander Gloves, boxing club, who will be supporting the coaching and tutoring programs for RBA
  • Professional Boxers such as Saul “Kid Dinamita” Rodriguez, Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola, Josesito “Riverside Rocky” Lopez, who have committed their support of RBA
  • RBA’s Board of Directors: Officer Mario Dorado, Detective Nick Kean, Pro Boxing Trainer Henry Ramirez, Pastor Jonathan Bilima, Cora Dorado, Robert Nava, and Executive Director Judy Cunningham.

RAINCROSS BOXING ACADEMY welcomes and encourages everyone to participate in this exciting new program!