Our Story

Riverside Police Detective Mario Dorado grew up in Riverside. His father was a professional boxer and at the age of 6,  Mario began to travel with his father to various boxing gyms throughout Southern California. At a young age, Mario saw his father train many young athletes . His father built relationships with the fighters and also their families. Outside the boxing gym, Mario saw his father volunteer countless hours helping the families of many young boxers and others in the community.

Several years ago, Detective Dorado wanted to create a free boxing program that included community service and education. He reached out to the UCR HIghlander Glove’s Boxing Team and formed a partnership. They met many times over the next several months and Raincross Boxing Academy was created. 

Tutoring and community service is a priority in this program. R.U.S.D.  High School students and UC Riverside students are placed in positions of leadership and are encouraged to be creative in their ideas. RBA is a highly successful youth program due to the leadership of its young leaders.