Our Staff

We, the staff of Raincross Boxing Academy, decline any monetary compensation in exchange for our service to RBA, and through it, the Riverside Community. We are here for the betterment of Riverside’s youth, and by extension, ourselves.



Celia Miranda Lagunas

Director of Operations

Certified USA Boxing Coach

Celia earned a Political Science Degree from UC Riverside, with a minor in public administration. Celia has been boxing for over 6 years and serves as one of RBA’s certified coaches. Having competed in several amateur fights, she also serves as a mentor and supervises the entire Raincross Boxing Academy Program. Celia is RBA’s primary contact with it’s major donors and partners within the community. She regularly meets and updates RBA’s community partners and continues to seek new opportunities for the program. Celia is active in the Riverside community and frequently participates in public hearings, public events, and also delivers presentations to various organizations. 


Chris Garza

Assistant Director

Chris graduated from Poly High School  with a 4.0 GPA and will be attending UC Riverside in 2017. He will be majoring in political science. Chris oversees the administrative day to day operations of the gym. Chris leads the monthly orientation and meets with RBA’s community sponsors.


Ernie Mendez

Administrative Assistant

Ernie is a graduate of Poly High School and will be attending UC Riverside in 2017. He is responsible for assisting the administrative staff with various assignments. Ernie has been assigned administrative responsibilities and helps coordinate RBA’s volunteer program.


Diana Tran

Event Coordinator

Diana is responsible for preparing and leading RBA’s major events. She also prepares and submits press releases and handles all other media related  issues. In addition to this, she regularly coordinates with other partnering organizations when preparing events.


Josue Palacios

Gym Manager

Certified USA Boxing Coach

Josue earned a Bachelor’s Degree in education from UC Riverside and is a certified 5th grade teacher for the Riverside Unified School District. Boxing for 10 years, he serves as one of RBA’s certified coaches. He manages the gym’s day-to-day activities, ensuring equipment is in order and RBA’s rules regarding conduct and safety are followed.


David Ortiz

Certified USA Boxing Coach

Coach David started boxing at a young age and now trains fighters exclusively for The Raincross Boxing Academy.  He has overseen 100 amateur fights. Coach David trains and supervises RBA’s Competitive Amateur Team. His team regularly participates in tournaments and other competitions on a regular basis. RBA’s competitive team’s equipment, apparel, travel, and registration fees are purchased by our generous sponsors. 


Jonathan Rodriguez 

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified USA Boxing Coach

Coach Jonathan earned a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. He serves as RBA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Jonathan is responsible for the strength and conditioning program for RBA’s Competitive Team. He is involved with the conditioning program of professional fighters.  In addition to coaching, Jonathan serves as RBA’s nutritional adviser. He interns for a health clinic in the city of Riverside for physical therapy. Coach Jonathan specializes in cardiac rehab and in physical therapy through a bridge program. He has been a personal trainer at Cal Baptist University for the past 5 years. His clients include high school and collegiate athletes.