Our Staff

We, the staff of Raincross Boxing Academy, decline any monetary compensation in exchange for our service to RBA, and through it, the Riverside Community. We are here for the betterment of Riverside’s youth, and by extension, ourselves.

Director of Operations – Chris Garza

Chris Garza graduated from Poly High School and is currently attending UC Riverside majoring in Political Science. Chris oversees the entire administrative day-to-day operations of the gym. He also leads the monthly orientation and meets with RBA’s community sponsors.

Assistant Director – Mackenzie Orr

Mackenzie Orr is a senior at UC Riverside and will graduate in June with a degree in English. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s in public health before going to medical school where she hopes to specialize in pediatrics, so she can better serve her local community. Mackenzie was drawn to RBA because of her passion for working with children and her desire to give back to the community in which she lives.

Event Coordinator- Diana Tran

Diana Tran graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in Biology and a minor in Business Administration. Diana is aspiring to become an optometrist and hopes to improve the overall health of the Riverside community. As Event Coordinator, she organizes social and education events for our program. Diana is a part of this program because she recognizes that the at-risk youth in our community have great potential, despite the challenges they face. With our program, she hopes to give them all the resources they may lack and encourage them to be great leaders in their community.

Head of Student Development – Saul Larios

Saul Larios is currently a sophomore at UC Riverside and is working towards a political science degree. Saul loves to help students each their full potential and see them reach their goals. As Head of Student Development, Saul is in charge of keeping track of the students progress in boxing and school. Saul hopes to continue to assist the community by becoming a police officer after he graduates from UC Riverside.

Pro trainer Coach – Henry Ramirez

Henry Ramirez is the coach of Raincross Boxing Academy’s professional fighters. All of which regularly compete throughout the Nation. Henry provides immense support to the Riverside community through many hours of volunteer coaching.

Community outreach manager- Vivek Bhatt

Vivek Bhatt joined RBA before the end of his Sophomore year at UCR. He is currently a 19 year old Biology major who wishes to attend medical school in the area to further continue his mission to serve the community. At RBA he continues to volunteer at many of our community out reach events, and gives many ideas to try to improve the overall program.

Boxing Coach- Jose Jimenez

Jose Jimenez graduated from UCR in 2016 with a B.A. in Anthropology. Jose is a boxing coach for RBA and is in charge of creating workout routines and teaching new incoming members safe and proper boxing techniques. Jose volunteers his time to RBA is because he enjoys teaching new members the art of boxing. Seeing their progress from a beginner to a confident boxer is the most rewarding thing a coach can receive. Jose is currently applying to UCR for an MEd in General Education with Teaching Emphasis, his goal is to become a teacher in the Southern California region.

Volunteer coordinator-  Isaac Ngo

Isaac Ngo recently graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in Biology. At RBA, Isaac work with students, help manage events, the volunteers at them, and assist in day to day operations. Isaac will be attending the UC Riverside’s School of Medicine in the fall of 2019 and will continue serving his community in both medical and non-medical contexts.

Social Media Coordinator- Dillon Dorado

Dillon Dorado. Dillon currently attend John W. North High School and plans to attend UCR. As the Social Media Coordinator, Dillon is in charge of handing the RBA instagram, facebook, advertising, and the website as well. His goal is to showcase the amazing opportunities that RBA presents to the at-risk youth of Riverside.